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Thanks. Please bare in mind that development notes are patreon only content. If you want to talk about them, please do it on patreon and not on the public comment section on itch. Patreon or discord are better places for that kind of feedback anyway ;)

I think you can pretty much plan your character depending on what you are into. For example the way of pleasing the futanari has been using only the skills tongue twirler and endurance so far. It can't be too predictable, like you already pointed out yourself. But maybe I don't get the point of your argument.

I don't get your request for "keeping preferences more consistent"? Do you mean the characters should only ask for one skill and one specific action? That would be boring.  You get oral tasks done with tongue twirler, most bdsm and pain related stuff with iron skin, all the sweet talking with tongue twirler, and so on. Not sure what you want to change on that.

I had to smile a bit on the last part. This is a game. You cannot compare my version of fantasy dark elves to normal women. I know you want to give feedback and that is fine, but I'm not trying to emulate female behaviour in any way. You are in this mine, you please dark elves, you level up so you can keep up with pleasing the dark elves. Simple, fun smut game :D

ah ok I was not referring to the Patreon development notes, just your comments here on

To try to be clear about "consistency" I mean that the preferences of one character (Talice for example) should be more consistent, more predictable, for future encounters with that same character. But hey, yeah, maybe not, maybe it's more fun to never really know what they are going to demand of you and often fail to satisfy. Maybe I am treating it too much like a game and "playing to win" - I do have that tendency alas.