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Hey iSeeLT, Thank you so much for trying out my game!  The mistake you made is understandable, and easy to fix!  The  "<folder_name>" or "<script_name>"  are just placeholders for the name of the folder you want to go to, or script you want to run, etc.

For example, if you wanted to folderoni into the "logs" directory, you simply need to write:

folderoni logs

or to go back to the previous folder:

folderoni ..

No brackets or anything like that needed, just like a regular unix  "cd" command.

Same goes for commands later in the game like:

godfather bake package-game.pzza

I would love it if you have it another shot! Feel free to reply here if you have more questions. I put a lot of heart into this game and i think you will really like it if you stick with it! Even if you don't make it back for another playthrough, I appreciate the attempt :)