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Stamina is the resource that is used in the game for all actions. Not only battle, but also mining. It is represented in the game with the blue bar. Every special attack costs stamina, that is why in the battle menu these attacks are in the stamina tab. If that makes no sense for you then I'm sorry, but that wasn't really an issue for other players. In fact, you're the first one who brought that up.

You can't speed up the scenes in android. The port is kept very simple, it is a basic port of the windows desktop version. The scenes end when you press your finger on the screen. I think every android user is capable of figuring that out. Speeding up the scenes only works in the windows version because of the way android handles input variables.

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Thanks for that clarification. Yes it was clear in hindsight that that's how Stamina works. It was just weird to find special attacks under a menu called Stamina, rather than say, finding them under a menu called Special Attacks and discovering - which would not be surprising - that they consume Stamina.

I'm very grateful the game is starting to be multi-platform otherwise I wouldn't have played it. I think as part of making it multi-platform you will have to remove in-game instructions that are Windows-specific, like the ones that appear on the first animation. I did figure out how to stop the animations but Ialso spent a long time trying to guess how to speed them up. Now you're telling me that's not possible in the Android version, which is fine, but that needs to be communicated. So the hint messages either need to be made more generic, or customised to be platform specific. Again I realise this is the first iteration on Android so it's totally understandable.

I want to say, it's a really good game, not just superficially but it's clear it has proper game design thinking behind it, which is unusual for an NSFW game. Please take this feedback as constructive.