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During playtesting I heard two different GMs comment that they wished they had a name list to pull from for quick and easy NPC generation. Ever since then, I've included one in my more polished games (i.e. not a game jam, because that's too much time for a quick project).

I think name lists are helpful for worldbuilding and ease of play, but also open to unconscious bias. So I usually get an idea of what I want the list to include, put something together, then consult with a friend from that culture to make sure I haven't done anything offensive without intending.

With my cyberpunk game, I quickly learned that NPC names had a big effect on how players related to them and which ones they became invested in. I think "Bizface" is still one of the most popular across game groups, and it's always fun to see if a group decides to like or hate Bizface, but they all seem to develop strong feelings about them.

Is it "Bizz-face" or "Bits-fa-che"??