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Basically I wanted to play this game for a lot of time, but I got it only last year on steam.. I think? And I was too shy to comment that time... I loved it a lot, when I saw the art style I was really curious bc I've played a lot of VN but none was like this. There are a lot of routes and endings and I literally cried. I spendend like 2-3 days playing this. I
loved almost all characters (especially Asa and Garret, but I liked a lot Valerian and Nen as well ((Nen best slime *coff coff*)) ). I saw a lot of characterization in this game, also the plot, the soundtracks, the MC... (Oh god, I loved Rhea a lot, and I'm used to dislike the female protag 70% of the times) It's a great game, I always say to my friends to play it, I'm sad no one checks this out.. its totally worth it imo ;;

Aaah, thank you for such a long and detailed comment!
This story took a pretty long time to write, so it makes me really happy to hear you liked it! >_<
I was also a bit worried Rhea might be a dull protagonist, but I'm relieved some people like her at least haha ;;;
This comment made my day! Thank you! xxx