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Bought the game a few days ago on Nutaku. Wow!
I'm a sucker for monster girls and them... let's say... taking the initiative.
Big fan of Tari. She gets carried away a bit but she's by far the nicest and most caring of them all. The voice acting of all the girls is pretty good and I love the "ambient moans" during a scene so it doesn't ruin the mood when there's descriptions or Matthew speaking.

I'll be looking forward to Quest Failed 2. Hopefully it's even bigger and better.

A question, though. All of the extras other than gallery are still question marks. I have all of the scenes unlocked and was wondering what's this about. probably some kind of exclusive content?

Hiya there,

Thanks so much for your purchase and support! And I'm really glad you enjoyed it~

And Tari definitely seems to be a fan favourite, haha~ If you have twitter you should definitely let the VA for her know how much you love her character, since she absolutely adores playing Tari, too!

The question marks will unlock with new patches along the way (which will be free for all who have purchased the original game!). The first being the journal feature which will give a fun look into the characters and places that the game may have glossed over, along with some other fun things. Basically I was future proofing the chapter so that these kinds of things could be easy to add in after. Sorry for any confusion on the matter!

Thanks again! Please look forward for what's to come with the second chapter!