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Finished the demo, loved it!!! Can we make a donation then? Thanks for the quick reply. No saves were available throughout from beginning to end. When this is finished, I'd like to refer your game on Aldorlea in the indie game section if that's ok? 

Good luck on finishing soon and I will be glad to spread the word for you!!!

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Thank you so much again for your support and your patience!

I can't receive donations at this point, as it would require the permission of the artist who made the protagonists. So far he only allows a non commercial use and seems to be inactive. But I much appreciate the thought <3

There is no problem and no need to ask for sharing the game. I'd appreciate it alot and am happy about every player who will give it a try. ~

I'm glad you could finish the demo. However, I don't understand why saves weren't available? What exactly happened when you tried to save through the menu? And did the dialogue box, asking you to save, pop up at all?

Because here it is working, and referring to the video, Cayte made, the player also was able to save. So I am wondering, what exactly caused it, that you couldn't.

Anyway, thank you again! And have a wonderful day~

Just kept getting that buzz sound that it wouldn't save. Same on pop up on automatic save points and trying from menu. Apologies for not being able to help much. Thanks!

Alright, I will ask around, if anyone else might have an idea what could possibly cause this.
If it's not too much of a hassle, would you mind, to redownload the game and try again maybe? or even on another computer, if you have access to another, and see if it's working.

Thank you! And sorry, it is hard to see the issue here. I redownloaded the file myself again, to check it, but it's working as intented.

One thing you could try to check is the folder, where you installed the game. Some (like "program files") seem to require extra permissions and can cause issues, upon trying to save (someone pointed this out, after I've been asking; I havent thought of that).

So if that's the case, you could try, if running the game from a different location fixes the issue (I run it directly from my desktop for example).