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Oh! This was great, this was really great.

This comic reads super well as a PDF and I adored the pacing-- it was so easy to follow scene from scene and I loved seeing our mains here interact and get to know each other. The ending is shocking and heart breaking and really leaves your mind to fill in a ton of blanks (which I love in a story) and GOSH HEY I just loved this comic; thanks a ton for sharing it!

And as a last note; it would be great if you could leave a small content warning  on this page? Nothing was particularly wild in this comic; but I believe some readers are sensitive to nudity/sex/violence so a sentence describing some of that stuff might be great in your description above-- if that's not too much trouble!

Really looking forward to anything else you might release here on Itchio~ Have an awesome day!


added content warnings! thank you!


good luck! i hope this comic does well <3