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Hmmm yeah, I like the general shader usage and the particle effects, the music is nice, too.

The main issue of this game is, I think, the fact that you cannot make any informed decision on where to go. You cannot move in a clever way through the level (like, for instance, in UT) to be in the right spot at the right time to destroy the cubes. - And, if it was possible, it still wouldn't be as the level is pretty much unreadable regarding navigation. Which, in sum, means, that the progress bar is not giving away helpful information, but is rather just a display of how lucky you are at the moment as a player, sort of.

I would have also liked an even higher mouse sensitivity than 150 (oldschool hardcore UT gamer) but 150 was okay-ish :-)

I think you got a nice start here, but it's prettier on the technical side than what it can really offer deep down in its core design. But you can definitely build on it. Hope this feedback helps somewhat! :-)