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This made me think of Metroid so much! I love it! Graphics are cool, the JKL keys made me uncertain at the start but it plays really well! Would have loved to hear music and a story would have been a cool improvement. Do you plan on making it a big game? Great work!


Thanks for your rating and feedback, we really gave our best on this game !

Even if time and organization was a bit of an issue for us irl, we tried to stick as close as possible to the Metroid feel ('cause that's where the good stuff at). Gameplay for me was the most important, with graphics a close second, so i made sure the game controls well and looks good even if some objects have the tendency to disappear without reason. And it payed of, we really weren't expecting to get 4/5 on three out of five categories, and we are happy happy that you liked our game so much !

As for the future of Z.A.T.F.E, we absolutely plan on making a complete game out of this idea, our first goal being to release a new version before Metroidvania month 4.