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Dear Mr./Mrs,

No. We haven't completed the last level yet. and the things that said "Abandoned" is not actually true yet. Unfortunately, due to the unfortunate outage of time during the previous semester, we have to hastly give update to my lecturer. Sorry, for that inconvenience.

In addition we also have another job this 4th semester. Yes, we are working on Geogon 3D right now. We shifted the focus there for now and paused this development for now. After we have passed the exam day, we'll promise to continue this first game, and finish the rest.

Thank you for your attention. We are really sorry for any inconveniences caused. We are planning to bring devlog announcement about this soon as possible.

Coatin: Wow! you are very quick to respond! thank you! I was just worried. because I thought you have had experienced unexpected event.

No. we're still fine today. again, We are apologise for any delay you guys have been experiencing.

Coatin: Oh, also, I just want to say, good luck for your negotiation with Gears for Breakfast. I saw you have written long list of plan for your future.

Thank you for your motivation. Please send my greet to Hatalina. She'll be glad hearing from me.

Coatin: Sure, I'll do it. My girlfriend likes your game. even it look's too short and unpolished.

Also include my thank you to her.

Coatin: Anytime.