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Certainly! And also I'm curious how you feel about your presentation. For instance, you suggest adapting to other systems - in what ways does your setting help or hinder adaptations to specific rules sets? How does this affect audience and accessibility?
Transhumanism does indeed come with a whole slew of assumptions about the world. How are you addressing those? Do you play with identity issues a lot, or not so much?
There's quite a bit you can still dig into.

You're asking deep questions I haven't really considered. The text suggests adapting it to other systems because frankly most people don't seem to play freeform except in PBP, and even then not always. How well that would work in practice is another story. I tried to provide hooks for that, but they're yet to be tested.

As for transhumanism, my game doesn't make any statements about it. Those that try all too often fall into insulting cliches, like cybernetic implants somehow causing dehumanization. As for identity, mine is already scattered all over the Internet so thoroughly, I don't see how becoming transhuman could possibly make things worse. My setting provides the tools to explore the issue, that's the whole point. And I've done it aplenty in my stories.