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Bublix reminds me of spellcasters and magical things like Harry Potter...the outside is so normal sized,but then you enter there and there's basically everything inside it,like the space inside it is bigger than the outside hahaha

Seriously, I was like "excuse me,WTF!" The first time I come there in the food square haha

The story happens in Japan? I saw in some route Parker saying that they were near Harusu from Lagoon Lounge 🤔🤔

That's shouldn't be a problem, beastmen are magical things anyway.


In all seriousness, the BG in After Class is still in development, we're still finding BG artists; please be patient.

that wasn't a critic hahaha just a comment about the craziness in the game. Tough I like some craziness to relax of the sometimes dull life.

Wait...what background have to do about my question? 🤔 I was asking if the place of the story is in Japan hahaha 

And yeah,that is understandable. The game is in development...obviously a bunch of things still need more attention. Tough I do admit I'm a bit anxious to see how it goes...see how the game will develop ☺