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this game is awesome. but only one thing that make me sad... why its not possible to reduze window? ;-;           #dontforgetthebadpcs              pls just do a tiny update of:

new graphics opition or avaliable win reduze or 800x600 window ;-;        Please I really want to play this game dude :v.

Hey! well, we are doing some "lowering" on the "low" settings haha, but the game won't support 4:3 aspect ratios, sorry mate :(

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4: 3? is not what I mean, I mean, like ... in the browser you can go in the bars and decrease the screen, by the bars. and in the game he does not let the game decrease by the bars. and that's what I beg of you: v, wait the game is windowed fullscreen? if yes can you do a windowed mode? or you have no time for these things?I accept if you don't want to do this :D I appreciate your game, soo i will be not angry :)