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rn we are working in multiplayer 4v1 in the same universe of ETA

thank u!! please follow us on our social media!:)

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We are working on it ;)

sub and like!! thank u

thanks for play the game dude!!!



Horror Night is an Online Multiplayer Coop Third/First person asymmetric horror adventure game!!#gamedevAdd it to your wishlist!!

thanks dude! dont forget to add to your wishlist HORROR NIGHT

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We as a small indie team wanted to thank every single one of you guys for playing our game! More news and content is yet to come :)) !

thanks! we are looking forward to keep shaping this game :), a few plans are in development right now :) !!! cool vid hahah

hey! yesss :) glad you had fun with this! haha

This topic is to post more elaborated suggestions :)

Exploding Penguins community · Created a new topic Bugs

Here you can elaborate more about problems you have encountered in the game ;)

Exploding Penguins community · Created a new topic Feedback

Here you can comment about the game, your thoughts, opinions, critics and overall feedback about it :)

Thank you so much for playing! it was fun! stay tunned for the remake! :)

some people had this issue :(, make sure you have the visual redistributables things installed, also try to run it as admin

Thank so much! stay tunned for the remake!

Thank you! stay tunned for the remake :)

Thank you so much! i can't quite understand  French, but it was fun! we are close to release the new version! :)

Thank you so much! Well, in my defense i can say that working with unity's navigation its a little rigid, eventually i may develop my own navigation AI system :)

"MJ on crack" hahahaha thank you so much!

The game has VR compatibility but its not meant to VR, some players managed it to work, don't know how tho :(

thanks! but, what track of all the ones that are in the game haha?

0 dB is clipping limit, normally the level was on -30dB but THAT was at like "breathing" level, thats why i lowered the thresold to -15dB. of course if you YELL at the other side of the room, the sound that actually reach the mic may  not be enough to reach -15dB, but if you breath or whisper with your mouth in the mic you are obviously producing sound above -15dB. I tested the sensitivity of the mechanic by putting my mic like 1 or 2 feet away of me and talking loud, not screaming. Of course at the end it will all depend on the sensitivity of each player's mic and the settings you have it configured in your computer.

thank you so much <3

Thank you so much! it was a great gameplay :)

i'd love to, sadly the licenses are very expensive :(

Thanks!, adding more colliders and hiding spots for 1.5 :)

why? there is a support channel in our discord server :D

read the changelog :D

yep! i just backup the old changelog in here :) current 1.4 its on the description of the game :D

Yeah! she always does amazing voices :D

Man! what a great idea! I will totally look for that in the next update :)

Have you tried to run it as admin? if that doesnt work, please enter the discord channel, we can help you there with more efficiency :)

Hi ! well try to run it in Low, also in the main menu put the slider "graphic quality" all way to the left :), don't forget to join our official discord channel, where is a support section :D

Haha ! nice gameplay mate! why don't you try out the new version 1.3, it has more fun stuff :)

Thanks man! It was a great gameplay! :D try out the new version 1.3, it was new features!

Thanks man! really appreciate it! stay tuned for the next update :)

Really great gameplay! haha stay tuned for the new update, new features coming!