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thank you so much <3

Thank you so much! it was a great gameplay :)

i'd love to, sadly the licenses are very expensive :(

Thanks!, adding more colliders and hiding spots for 1.5 :)

why? there is a support channel in our discord server :D

read the changelog :D

yep! i just backup the old changelog in here :) current 1.4 its on the description of the game :D

Yeah! she always does amazing voices :D

Man! what a great idea! I will totally look for that in the next update :)

Have you tried to run it as admin? if that doesnt work, please enter the discord channel, we can help you there with more efficiency :)

Hi ! well try to run it in Low, also in the main menu put the slider "graphic quality" all way to the left :), don't forget to join our official discord channel, where is a support section :D

Haha ! nice gameplay mate! why don't you try out the new version 1.3, it has more fun stuff :)

Thanks man! It was a great gameplay! :D try out the new version 1.3, it was new features!

Thanks man! really appreciate it! stay tuned for the next update :)

Really great gameplay! haha stay tuned for the new update, new features coming!

Cool gameplay ! and don't forget to turn off the lighting haha!

thank you! good gameplay :D 

Hey! well, we are doing some "lowering" on the "low" settings haha, but the game won't support 4:3 aspect ratios, sorry mate :(

Amazing gameplay mate! stay tuned for upcoming updates, sick twisted things are coming !

Thanks man! good gameplay! :D

Man! interesting gameplay!!! and the hide spots only works if the flashlight is turned off haha stay tuned for upcoming updates!

thanks! stay tuned for upcoming updates :)

thanks! great gameplay mate, a little chopped but great! and yeah. Stay tuned for the new update :)

haha good gameplay!

Yes ! sorry about the delay, busy day haha

Great gameplay! oh, thanks for the offer! i may need some more voice acting :) !! how about if we discuss that in discord?

Maybe thats because he has a "detection area", so when you enter that area and you are hidden, he don't notice you are around, unless you get out of that area and enter it again. I thought about fixing this, but i think the game is hard enough as it is haha

Linux version uploaded! let me know if it works properly (wasn't able to test it)

Already updated!

Amazing gameplay! thanks for playing it :) !

Thanks! :) yess updates are coming!

Thank you! <3

Haha, Great gameplay mate! it was fun to watch :)

Cool gameplay! ahaha yep it was loud!

Thanks! nice gameplay! :)

That was unexpected! but absolutely YES, i'll compile a version :) 

Hi, already on Mac, check the download links :)

Hi! i'm sorry to hear that, btw have you moved the files from the folder? because in order for the game to work all the files should be in the same folder, and in this case that error usually popup when the .dll file is in a different folder from the .exe file.

Haha great gameplay dude! stay tune for the upcoming updates :)

Hi, actually i've already explained that,  in the main menu you have a slider to control the graphic quality, don't mind the popup window setting.