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Very good demo, but found a few bugs 

In the very first room, the right side is kinda weird to go to.

If you jump right before a cutscene (only tried at the first one) you will fly and stay like that till the end of the cutscene.

The bus stops aren't working and couldn't go to the test rooms (which was very sad ;-;)

Found a missing note btw, 1 out of 10,  are there any more in the demo? And I though I'd find a secret at the top of the basement after the double jump but it just led you back to the start of the room.

Though the tutorial was very good, I didn't figured out you could run until very late in the game, and got a bit stuck at the barrels part.

It lagged a lot in the basement and the inventory, don't know exactly why.

Loved the game, the humor is just perfect, the visuals are so cool and cute, and the movement felt very, like, you want to speedrun it (I'll probably do it when it launches)

The combat, though kinda easy at least in the demo (the first and second bosses you could just spam candies), is very unique and will probably be one of the coolest parts of the game

Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil, and loved all of the games from you that I played, and this one seems like it will be great too

Thank you for your reply - some excellent feedback here and exactly what I'm looking for

Sorry that the bus stops weren't working they should be - did you buy the bus pass from the convenience store? If not I'll run a few more tests

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Its just that the only place I could go to was back home, and pressing right or left triggered a sound effect, but nothing happened