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A dramatic science-fiction adventure game that center’s questions of trust and conviction.

Plagued by giant arthropods known as Moths, the clans of The Twilight struggle to survive, searching the ruins of their Predecessors for the tools, or auger, that will reshape their world.

Moth-Light is inspired by classic adventure fiction as well as rag-tag science fiction stories and strives to facilitate a story rich with interplayer drama, social intrigue, dramatic action, and hope for a better future.

Moth-Light features many calculated revisions to the popular Forged in the Dark formula including but not limited to:

A revamped action system.

The introduction of Strings as an important interpersonal player resource.

Guidelines on how to interpret post-fall tech in your game.

Instructions on how to craft Pacts, Promises, and Vows.

The introduction of “Devil’s Die.”

Six basic playbooks in booklet format including:

     The Mouse: A Sneak-Thief

     The Favorite: A Charismatic Diplomat

     The Hunter: A Tracker and Guide

     The Recluse: A Philosopher and Engineer

     The Spear: A Martial Warrior

     The Will: A Spiritual Adept

And two special playbooks:

     The Shell: A Lost Soul Preserved in Steel

     The Heart: A Bright Young Soul, bound by a Sacred Duty

If you’d like to learn more, check out the project or feel free to hit me up in DMs or on Twitter @MothLands ✨