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Getting this error when starting. Interestingly, I can still get in the options menu if I move the error window away. :)

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Thanks for the feedback, I was worried about that. Seems to be related to running in windowed fullscreen. I've disabled it from the options menu, but I guess it still can set itself to this mode at first start. I'll get a fix for this asap!
Thanks again!

Edit: I've fixed it and re-building the demo now for upload. In the meantime, there is an un-elegant way around this by changing your local settings file found here:


Find these lines:


And change them to:


(if PreferredFullscreenMode isn't set to 1, leave it, also you can set them to 2 if you prefer windowed mode)

You shouldn't need to do this again, the graphics settings in-game will do all the work.

Hey, just tried the changes to the settings... same error, I'll download the update and try that later today. 

awesome thanks!