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Wow! What an experience! I love this so much.

The visuals, the audio - everything was incredible! Really good game feel as well. 

Just a couple of things I noticed - when you first talk to the god, your character is referred to as "you" and "me" in the same sentence (unless I'm getting it wrong?)

I'll admit that after several tries I couldn't make it past the spikes that fall from the heavens near the end of the level (got there once and then couldn't make it back) It might be because I'm a complete n00b (it's in my name) but if others have same problem, checkpoints might be a nice addition? That's just me personally. 

Otherwise,I also loved the black/white/chrome aesthetic. All round super immersive and really engaging to play! Awesome.

you killed the eggs?
cause their previous spots become teleporters. just stand still for a second.

Oh yeah I did!

I didn't teleport ;-; I probably just missed something though ^-^ thanks!