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Super cute game!  The audio really adds to it, and the goofy dying dynamics fit the style well.  I finally made it through; that last one took me longer than it should have, and I didn't have the endurance to make it through the speed run mode, but I like how the timer in speed run mode doesn't count the unsuccessful time, for people like me who miss a lot of easy jumps, haha. :D  Along those lines, it'd be handy to have a key to respawn slightly faster, 'cause when I've been at the same spot for a bit, I don't always want to wait the couple seconds for the respawn every time, even though it is only a couple seconds.  (Also, after reading other comments, I'm super glad I always disable the shortcut key for Sticky Keys, haha.)  The fade out after XII is a nice touch.  Thanks for the great game!

Thank you for playing!