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10 years later, great to discover this. Any chance of making a one-switch / one-key version, as with the original? Great little game, and so unique in the one-switch field.

Unfortunately it would be a problematic because of extra features I added, but also because the Monkey programming language this was made in, is not supported anymore. So it is a bit out of reach for me at this point. Still I want to thank you for your comment. The original Wizard Battle I wrote in 2004 so that is almost 20 years ago now!

Fair enough. I thought it unlikely, but worth a punt. Time flies! Do you remember much about that Blitz Coder competition in 2004? How was it first made known do you know? Any idea if anyone won it?

Based on your link I did some searching and it was announced on the Blitzcoder website:
At the end of that thread (2nd page) the contestants were waiting for the results of the competition. I don't remember there being an actual result! :)

That's a really handy link. Thanks for that Foppygames. Appreciated. Turned this 2003 competition one-button up too: - I wonder if there was no prize ever awarded though for the 2004 Blitzcoder compo. I assume "Specis"  is not OddBob from RetroRemakes, although looks a bit similar.  

Indeed they are two different persons.