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Alright, finished Chapter 4, not with perfect everywhere yet, but i'm out. I really like the game ! I want more ! More !

- A Prisoner to save, i hope it's a new hero for next chapter !

- The Giant was really tricky to "win". I killed with an arrow one Impaler, and stayed a lot in the bottom part, trying to bring the other Impaler first on the bridge, and have the Giant following. Then bomb to turn the Impaler toward the Giant, then push to kill them both with the spear. I got hit once, and i didn't beat the turns limit, and i don't see how i can do it, but i guess i will after 314 retries.

- I was expecting to play at least one level with all 3 heroes, but i didn't see the Guardian.

- I was expecting the Guardian to be in the Upgrade panel, but she is not.

- I was expecting to see more Upgrades but there are not (beside the bomb but it's not upgradable).

- A bug it seems, with an archer. I can't pull or push it.

Next turn, it moves, and then i can to kill it with the Cyclop.