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And I also think the thing about safety tools is they push against some toxic elements in the RPG community, and, by extension, the community of any other game we might be talking about, like miniatures wargaming. I mean, you may remember discussions of the Social Contract from the Forge, which was really in some ways just pushing back against the fact a lot of people go into games with a host of unspoken assumptions which leads to all sorts of problems.

Look, you've been deep in the OSR community and I've been on the edges of it, so let's not mince words here. :)

I think we both know there were some seriously toxic elements of that community, and some of those elements still remain, tho hardly unique to that community. There are people out there in the general RPG community who use RPGs to intimidate people and fuck with them and worse. Again, this isn't just the OSR; don't get me started on some of the stuff that's gone on in LARPs. Safety tools are a way of saying this table isn't going to tolerate that shit. RPGs need safety tools not just because of the uniqueness of bleed, but because of the shit people have done in the past. Even if you don't ever use the tools, by having them available you're acknowledging that you care about people having fun and not having their PTSD buttons pushed at the very least. 

If chess has a history of bullying, it probably needs safety rules too. I'm not familiar enough with chess to say. Like MagpieMirror Test says above, maybe tournament rules serve as those, I dunno. But considering that chess still has the strong male/female imbalance that one see in a lot of geek hobbies, and problems with sexual harassment, maybe it needs safety rules as well. It's a little different because chess is considered a sport and it isn't typically played in the same ways, and with the same amount of personal identification, tho again, I'm not steeped in that culture, so I may be wrong. But there definitely seems to be some serious issues, as this article shows. CW: sexual harassment

We talk about this in terms of RPGs because we're mainly RPG nerds. But to answer your question, any game hobby (and game) that has a toxic culture problem might need safety tools for reasons on top of some of the more general ones that make them good for RPGs.

I hope it's clear I'm not aiming any hostility at you! If you sense any anger in this post it's directed at the sort of people who make these tools even more necessary.