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 Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled

A hack of Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands about fey nobles, arcanist-bureaucrats, and anarchist witches falling for their enemies, fighting with their friends, and allying with their rivals, amid a struggle for a magepunk fantasy city.

Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled is based on Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands, and is made up of ten games:

  • Solitaire - what were you doing? what have we heard about you?
  • A Chase - do you have the nerve to pursue?
  • A Conversation Over Food - at ease together, or a tense meal?
  • A Dance - when the music ends, will I see you again?
  • A Free-for-all - why do we fight, and what are the stakes?
  • Meeting Sword to Sword - steel meets steel, gaze meets gaze - who will blink?
  • An Oblique Discussion - how can I tell you the things I can not say?
  • Stealing Time Together - alone, together, with a gentle "may I?"
  • Weaving a Spell - how do the two of us make magic greater than either alone?
  • A Wizard's Battle - can you resist the full strength of my powers?

it's for 3-5 players, with no materials necessary beyond a coin to flip, and intended for one-shot play with no prep and no GM. It's perfect for new players and veteran story gamers alike!