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I have the impression that this game has a two core game design issues: The first one is that the major dodge movement is typically vertical (to avoid bullets), but the dash can only be done in horizontal movement. It is possible to dash vertically by starting the dash horizontally and then going vertical, but it's very imprecise. [Edit: I just noticed that, in the updated version, you have addressed this issue, good job :-)]

The second issue I spotted is the enemy design in regards of the level design: The procedural level designer creates a majority of rooms/situations where dodging enemy bullets is right away impossible, which just shouldn't happen. [You addressed this with the boost-invincibility to some degree].

I love the health pack pickups, great idea!

Yeah... so, my negative points have been addressed in v. 0.1.1, sooo .... I'm glad I can help with my feedback :-)

Good job!

(wait, one more to go: Music would add a lot to this game!)

Thanks a lot for playing, and your feedback! I'm glad my changes addressed some of the issues you had. I still agree that some of the rooms/enemy combos make for unfair layouts. I think I might go back into the room/enemy code and add some more logic on what combinations are allowed to happen.

And I totally agree, haha, I need to add some tunes.