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Hi there. I took a crack at Sabrina, due to my love for RPG Maker horror games.

First of all, it is IMMENSELY atmospheric thanks to the great sound and overall look of the house, and I adore the deliciously wicked direction the story takes, so good job there. It's definitely a good little spook-story.

But the main problem lies with the way the QTEs are implemented. They are not inherently bad, but they are entirely too unforgiving. You have next to no way of surviving the initial danger if you do not know ahead of times which buttons to press, and a latter segment requires you to find a location under time pressure, despite having had no time to explore the house beforehand - and even when you KNOW where it is, you can barely make it with more than one misstep. And this is without going over a later struggle that shows next to no indication of what the right approach is. Combining this with gigantic, mood-breaking buttom prompts kind of hampers the experience. Really, for a 30-minute story, it needs to be that slight bit more lenient.

Still, it was a fun, spooky and well-told story, desptie these minor frustrations. Just something to keep in mind for another time.