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This is a truly great comment. I appreciate the links for reference for the last few bullet points.

  1. I’m not in charge of her design so I can’t change her colors, but I agree that she’s low-contrast and I’d like to add a drop shadow or something.

  2. It should already be doing that? I’m not sure what you mean exactly.

  3. The rest of these sound good, will attempt to address all of these in the next update.


Oh, it does seem to always be on top now, not sure how I got it to not be, probably something weird I did, sorry.

Also ability to change drive/location of the music folder would be nice.

Another thing I want to add for the music player is playlist support (playlists would just be folders nested inside the main music folder). But making serviceable file explorer UI in Unity is surprisingly difficult 😅

We’ll get there.

Oh! Figured out what caused Always on Top to stop working, changing the monitor used breaks it(Switched to display 2 and then back to display 1).

Noted. Will try to fix.