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First off, amazing tool! I was planning on using Sprytile for my next project, but the ease of export within Unity and vertex painting ability are really great.

Unfortunately however, I'm having some issues using this with Unity 2019.1 and also checked with 2018.3.0f2, both in fresh projects.

Essentially the behavior is:

1. Make simple cube mesh as per the tutorial's tileset.

2. Export with default settings.

3. The exported model's embedded material seems to be incorrect: the texture is missing.

I can partially workaround this, by 'Extracting the Material' as per Unity's inspector, and then assigning the exported texture (that appeared on MeshEdit export) to the Albedo. Which adds some time, but if I were to use custom shaders, I'd have to do this anyway.

The problem is, I can't seem to get the Vertex Colours painted on to appear no matter what I try. I suspect this could be a conflict with a newer version of Unity? I will try 2017 next. I suppose, I could potentially model in an older version of Unity if absolutely necessary.

Tiny final note: is it possible to change the hotkeys or disable the 'tilemap painting movement' WASD feature? It makes it hard to rotate the view while painting.

I tried looking for a proper support / contact email but couldn't find one so apologies if this is the wrong place!

Thanks for any help. I'd love to use this tool for my next project, it's really fantastic.

Hi 25HD, thanks for buying the tool!

I haven't tested Mesh Edit on Unity 2019 yet, so I can't say for sure.

When you export the mesh as an .obj file, are you importing it back into Unity or opening it in an external editor? When you export as an .obj file, the material is saved as a separate .mtl file and the texture is copied to the same folder as long as "Copy textures on export" is checked. You have to apply the texture through Tile Edit mode though, manually selected textures won't be exported. As long as all the files are together that should work in both cases, but it might be different in Unity 2019 (2018 and 2017 should be fine though).

Vertex colours only appear on a model if the shader being used can process them, they should still be applied to the model, but they won't appear unless you've applied an appropriate shader. Also, just as a side note, vertex colours aren't saved when exporting to .obj files.

I hadn't considered the WASD controls for camera movement, there's no option to ignore the shortcuts either but I'll be sure to fix that in the next version when it comes out.

I hope that clears things up, feel free to let me know if you're still having issues with it.

Also, posting here is fine! Thanks a bunch for the kind words, I'd love to see what you make with the tool!

Thanks for the quick response!

I see. So it seems the workflow is more to use the actual MeshEdit objects themselves rather than export to .obj?

In that case, is this restricted to storage/usage within a scene only? It appears that trying to store a MeshEdit object as a prefab isn't possible from my short testing. Or is there some other way to store other than just in-scene?


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Yes, I tend to use the MeshEdit objects as the assets since it allows for quick iteration times (I usually use the tool for level geometry).

You can still export to .obj files and import those assets in a new Mesh Edit object, or load them into their own Game Objects. Saving a Mesh Edit object as a prefab has some problems but I'm currently working on an "export as prefab" option that will be available in v0.4.

An option which I use a lot for duplicating objects is to copy/paste the faces into a new object:
1. Go into Mesh Edit mode, select all ("A") and copy the faces.
2. Create a new Mesh Edit object and go to Tile Edit mode, then select the tileset from the dropdown that the original object used (Textures won't be copied unless you do this step).
3. Switch to Mesh Edit more and paste the faces, creating a full copy of the original mesh.

This is definitely a workaround, so I'll try to work on more streamlined options for duplicating a mesh for future versions. Thanks for bringing the issue to my attention!

I see, thanks for the detailed response. Prefab export would be fantastic! Do you have an estimate for when this new version might be available? Thanks.

Think you can add an option to export a "MeshLab"-esque .obj with the vertex colours?  See : but perhaps export it as a .objv or something? Mesh Edit would then be invaluable.

Hi Dyarosla, thanks for the input!

I've been looking into a way to export the vertex colours but all the methods involving .obj files are a bit too specific to work with MeshEdit. I'd really like to add a .fbx export so that colours can be included, but it'll take a long time before I start on that feature.