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Thanks for the nice comment. Glad to see that the game is having the desired effect.

As I don't know if this forum supports spoiler tags, I pasted a hint for the bear  in plaintext here:

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I need help, i tried to pass the bear without using any object, whith your hint but it doesnt work, I don't know what to do. An idea for help me ?

Perhaps an adverb would help?

I tried but my eanglish it isn't very good (i'm from spain) and I attempted to use some adverbs with actions or something else but I don't know what to do now

Perhaps whatever you tried was too fast?

Also, there will be Spanish version of The Path available soon, so I apologise that the current game is very English centric. I only wish my Spanish was as good as your English  (for you to play as much as you have of the game).

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Hmmm... Im also spanish too XD

You came here for Vicio OMT? (Me yes)

me too

I'm happy to not be the only spanish here!