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Thanks for the play and encouragement bro. I know the game has a long way to go, still encouragement and early feedback really helps towards making it better. Its like cooking. You can find the music here:
Made by EVAN KING, another awesome guy making Royalty free stuff for everyone. I am huge sucker for sythwave and chiptunes, reminds of the good old days of Sega Genesis, Mario , Excite Bike, Robocop, Contra. Miss those days of no worries, being a kid and those games, my god. Therefore became a programmer myself, to make games and its good to see someone enjoying what I make. This soundtrack reminds of those days.

The game has its point. Some tweak here and there and it's ready to be a full-fledged game on its own. And, of course, all that improvement and reaching for the greater experience is always appreciated (It's an interesting and good comparison with cooking you have :D)

Oh, thanks for the links! He IS an awesome composer. And I really like his music style he's going for! This old/new retro has a special place in my heart, because of the games I've played when I was a little beginner gamer ^_^ You mentioned some really cool games from those times!

yo man, its time for the steam stuff.

That's awesome! Good luck with a Greenlight. I hope it does great :D