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hello! i finished playing the demo this morning and collected all of the fruit, and it was super cute and fun! most of the bigger issues have already been addressed by others here (there weren't really that many anyway,) but i have got a few things to say here if you don't mind.

first, i am a huge fan of the paper mario series, and i can definitely see the influence tied in with the originality here! i've only been following Scrap Story's development for about a month and a half, but when i found it i was super happy and instantly began looking through all the photos and previous development updates.

here i have a few comments/suggestions, and they really are mostly small little nitpicks. i'd appreciate if you read these, but please, PLEASE feel free to disregard any of these. for the most part, these are purely my opinion :p

in the very first area, if you go to the back and inspect the foliage it says "You can barley see the sky through the vast amount of trees and leaves." i am pretty sure you meant "barely" instead of "barley," and i think there was one more typo somewhere else but i forgot  * ~ *

i saw that the broken pieces of the breakable rocks disappeared a few seconds after they hit the ground, but maybe it could look nicer if they faded out instead of just disappearing in a single frame? i also thought that the rock pieces could look nicer if they split into more irregular, "rocky" fragments when broken instead of into the straight "+" pattern.

many people have said this before, but the spin dash was difficult to control and was a little slippery.

the speech bubbles were a little hard to read if i tried to read them as the text was scrolling in, so maybe it could look nicer if the text was aligned to the left instead of centered?

when falling off of the stage (which i did a lot, lol) i could see the bottoms of all the polygons/geometry as the camera fell with scrap girl. this did feel a little odd, so maybe either extending the level downward, heightening the point where you die at, or making it so that the camera stops falling with scrap girl at a certain point could polish that a little more.

maybe when scrap girl is still crunched after falling, her eyes could be dizzy or slightly in pain instead of going back to the normal eyes to make her a little more expressive?

and lastly, i noticed there was a small lack of sound in some places where it seems like sound would be expected. maybe sound effects could be added for: trees/foliage moving out of the way, breaking the wooden boxes,  text boxes opening and closing, bouncing, or landing from jumping/ falling? also maybe the footsteps could be a little louder? they are very cute footsteps lol

i hope these can help in some way! this demo was very polished for the stage it is at! i absolutely adore the paper aesthetic, it seems to be almost perfected. i love the way characters sort of wave around when standing still, i love the way scrap girl wobbles when she walks, and i love the little two-frame scribble animations on everything. i think that the last one in particular is a very underrated effect. the small little speech bubbles that appear as you approach characters is also a nice little touch!

overall, i absolutely love this project, this demo was amazing, and i am looking forward to the next demo and the finished game, whenever they may be! i hope i could help, i also hope i didn't write too much here... :p   and good luck working on the rest of this project!

Hey :) Thanks so much for playing. Happy to have you here! Thank your for the feedback and these are all things I want to make better too... especially the silly spelling errors ;)