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I don't have anything particularly clever to contribute, but I think this is fascinating stuff Levi. What do you think is the best way for a designer to express their design's fun priorities? Especially in a marketing blurb (say the intro of a KS pitch) to make it clear to a prospective customer what the game is all about? This relates somewhat to an thread currently discussing a unified set of terms to define rpgs.  


Heh.  While I suspect that being able to go "Okay, my game supports this", and then spin that into "You should buy my game and thereby get THIS!" would be a strong (and honest) marketing method....

...Uh.  I kind of suck at marketing.  I think there's almost certainly a method and vocabulary to do it with, but damn if I know them.

Ha fair enough! I'll noodle how to convert some of these more psychological terms into marketable terms.