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U need the version 1.0.4 to unlock these cars

I have the craked version and I don't have these cars because the version 1.0.1 didn't have it


Thanks Man!


I'm all in support of grabbing Denuvo-removed versions of major games as a giant middle finger to major publishers, but this game/developer deserve your support if you want to see more great racing games from them!

Those who pirate DRM-free games from indie devs are the main reason we get so many devs considering putting DRM in their games on this marketplace.  I'd love for itch to remain as DRM-free as GoG.  If you like it, buy it.  If not, there are some open-source and freeware racing games you can play instead.

But we just discussing of cars in 1.0.4 version and why they don't have in 1.0.1 version