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Progress, To-do's and Credits

What is done + credits:

  • Food item sprites (original graphics by JuicyVitamin, sprites by me)
  • Background graphics (original graphic by Game Art Guppy)
  • Custom font (Kenney font + BMGlyph)
  • Animation for fatso man (original graphic by eryprihananto, animation by me)
  • Polka music (by Kevin MacLeod)
  • Game logic to make chains of 3, 4 or 5 items, L shape and T shape chains
  • Power up when creating L or T shape chains
  • Power up to clear all items of one type
  • Collect a number of items to complete a level
  • Reach a target score to complete a level
  • Loading level data from JSON files
  • Saving game progress
  • Main screen with menu and animation
  • In-game menu

What needs to be done:

  • More food items sprites
  • Create a whole bunch of levels (+100) and tweak the difficulty level so it's well balanced between too easy and too hard
  • Screen before starting a new level: Display level number, high score to beat, and goals to complete the level
  • Screen after completing a level: Display score, high score, retry or go to next level
  • Screen to list all levels: level completed (retry and beat your score), locked (see your progress and what's next)
  • Add new items and new goals to make the gameplay more interesting
  • Add juice: more and better animations and sound effects

What I will maybe do later, I'm not sure yet:

  • Manage multiple save games (so you can let a friend play without screwing your own game)
  • Configuration screen to set music on/off, sound effects on/off
  • GameCenter integration
  • Social network (post score on Twitter / Facebook, or beat your friend's score)
  • In-app purchase (I will probably just sell the game at a very low price, but it may be free with possibility to unlock the complete game)
You can follow me on Twitter: @IncludeBeer