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Hey! I liked this game so much that I created an account on this website lol. What can I say about your demo so far...


+The style is AMAZING! It's apparent that you love Paper Mario and took fun aspects from old games to add fun mechanics to yours! The idea of spin dashing/ timing platform bounces/ breakable objects really add depth to this game.

+Characters are cute and lively. I'm sure there will be more unique characters all with stories and side quests alike. Can't wait!

+The music. Through there's really only one track, it helps set the happy go lucky mood, perfect for this game! Feels very Yoshi's world inspired.

+Equips and outfits add life to this game. I know that there will be even more costumes and weapons/skills that can really add some awesome customization into your game!


-Navigation of the menu. It feels super rigid right now. I'm using a controller right now and as much fun as I have moving in game, it doesn't feel good navigating to, lets say equip my item or going to settings. I think it would feel better if every input gave a direction, like say moving down makes the marker go right, or it just makes a noise for input confirmation.

-Menu noises. It doesn't fit the sound of the rest of the game IMO. It sounds like an obnoxious SPLAT as opposed to a light sound most of this game provides. A minor problem, I know.

-There's no way to close your game. You mentioned a way to get back into the main menu from the misc. section of the settings, but no way to turn off the game? cmoooonnnn.

-Vertical movement is kind of a nightmare. The camera is deadset on the character and while this usually is a good thing, it really sucks when...lets say you jump on the last trampoline pad before the paper airplane.  And sometimes when I was jumping on those pads, the camera DIDN'T pan with me! It felt lame not being able to look around with the right stick.

-Jumping over most fences but not ALL fences feels like a weird restriction. Specifically with that bunny dude whos chillin out all menacingly in the middle of the stage. Just seemed unfair that I can clearly jump over it but I get invisible walled.

And that's all! This was a fun demo and i genuinely cannot wait for the release of the main game!

Hey! Thanks so much for taking the time to play and to even create an account to leave feedback. I totally agree with all the negatives and will be making  a lot of adjustments for the future. :)