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Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined

A Kingdom Hearts Inspired PbtA Game about Fanfiction and crossovers.

(also it's officially out on pdf now!)

Interstitial is a game that I love dearly, it encourages you to play canon characters from official properties, and play out whatever wild cross over fiction you want. Do you want Criss Angel to protect Roxanne from a Goofy Movie? Do you want to watch Shego beat up Archie Andrews? Interstitial is the game for you.

It's about to actually release, right now preorders are up but we are waiting for ONE MORE piece of art and then it will be offiically released. It's been played on multiple different platforms, but my go to is always telling people to listen to Interstitial AP on the Orange Groves network! It's a whole Campaign featuring a cast of characters going through different worlds. The first season relies heavily on kingdom Hearts knowledge but Season two really breaks free of that.