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The Dark Sentencer
A prison escape game with a tarot-based system.

Dark Sentencer was written for the 2019 Record Collection Jam, and is a game where you and your friends play as a bunch of space criminals trying to escape a prison planet.  It uses an original, tarot deck based system to guide players through character creation and to shape the outcome of the story, including the tone of each scene.

Pick of Destiny
A musical game about rocking demon's faces off.

Pick of Destiny was also written for ReCo2k19, and is a game where you and your friends becoming a touring band that must battle against the Seven Lords of Hell, and Satan Himself in a series of fantasy rock-offs. It has a pretty simple d6-based rolling system, as well as a special object (the Pick of Destiny) that is passed from player to player to both give their character a buff and allow them to choose the background music for each battle.