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I recently bought chapter one (nutaku) after playing some of this demo (windows) and I noticed that there are voice clips present in the demo when first meeting the slime girl for some of here dialogue at the start that seem to be missing in the full version. Was this change intentional? I was kinda disappointed to notice they were gone.

Apart from that, great job; I loved Monster Girl Quest and I look forward to seeing more of these games.

edit: One last thing. I noticed in full screen that the tops of the letters of the sentence below the first get "cut off" and can be seen before they should be visible. No big deal, but I thought I might as well let you know if/when you see this and maybe didn't know. :)


Thank you so much for purchasing and going through Chapter One. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll look forward to what's to come!

Regarding the voice clips, this was a solution put in place due to time constraints for the first chapter's release. Where, I have all of the relevant voice clips for the remaining characters, but didn't have the time to edit them in and put them in alongside suitable dialogue. I figured rather than have it half done for some characters, but other characters be completely silent, to just mute them all completely for the time being.

They will return in full force with the new patch though, alongside a new h-scene and some other little bonus things, so they're not gone forever!

And regarding the text glitch you seem to be experiencing--I'll have to look into it more. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

That's great to hear, thanks for the info. Will updates be rolled out through the stores selling the game (re-download the updated version from there)?

And about the text glitch, it was on a 1600x900 native resolution laptop incase that helps.

Yeah. The game will be updated on each site it's hosted on and you can just redownload. Saves and progression should carry over as they save in a separate folder. I'll be looking at the possibility of putting up a patch file as will that you simply drag and drop to your existing game folder, but will need to see how viable that is.

Good to know, thanks. One laaast question and I'll stop asking things. ^^ The choices you can make at certain points, will those have any long term effects as more chapters are released or are they just per chapter for some different scenes. I think I read you mention somewhere (maybe patreon) about the idea of merging chapters together once they were all out (akin to MGQ).

Thanks again, looking forward to Ch.2 and beyond.

Some choices will carry over between chapters, yes! Such as who you have the most affection points with and other smaller details that may be referenced in subtle ways. Chapter Two will have a lot more things that will happen and potentially carry over though as it culminates to several big conclusions.

And yeah, once all the chapters are done I'll be merging into a big super game with all the parts seamlessly connected for ease of playing through.