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guangmi is obvioulsy a fool.

I loved it! More content from Alex, yayyyyyyyy! 

I actually thought this was easier than bondage nightmare... up until the blindfold section- definitely challenging! I wish i could see a replay of my footage to see where i ended up cuz i definitely got lost at points. I think at one point i ended up behind the office. That being said the blindfold was my favorite part. 

Thanks for all of your hard work. These games are amazing .

I hope in the future for a game that can combine the style of bondage night mare and this one where maybe you start off on the floor and eventually work your way up to your feet. I also was thinking while playing this that it would be cool if there were a couple of the robbers milling about adding a stealth element. And what if every time you get caught they punish you by adding bonds and taking away clothing and what have you. So maybe you start off on your feet but when you get caught they tie you on the floor. So now you have to get from the floor to your feet and to the knife. but maybe they catch you again so now you have to get from blindfolded on the floor to your feet to the knife, etc. I guess it would be pretty damn tough to do stealth while blindfolded but I'm just spitballing. I don't know anything about developing games just throwing out ideas. Anyway- i'm excited to see what you keep making. keep up the good work! 

A couple small notes: 

I wish the camera was a bit further away in general.

Sometimes her hair appears to change hues randomly.

This is probably more difficult to pull off than i realize but a reflection in the mirror would be nice. 


Thanks for the comment. An interesting idea on account of taking clothes if you are caught. I will not promise to ever do it, but the idea is cool.