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I really love this wacky thing! It is so incredibly fun and simple to use and it really does the most important thing with zines - stimulates the imagination . The opposite of some clinical, sleek publishing software - this one has all kinds of strange buttons and tools for serendipity. It reminds me a lot of the magic of those old painting and storybook software for kids in the 90s -  really tremendous vision behind this little tool. I have made 3 zines with it so far and it is as fun, if not more, than doing it manually with the added flexibility that comes with having digital versions that are easily updated and manipulated. Can't wait to explore deeper and see what future updates will hold. Bizarre to the core - just like zines should be! Amazing work.

My first zine made with EZM is this one on Obscure Acronyms. Had a lot of fun with the ASCII painter!

omg thank you for the kind words and such a thoughtful comment about the Electric Zine Maker. it means a lot that this was your experience with it because that’s exactly what the program was intended to do.

i loved your little zine! thank u for sharing.