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I'm very sorry for the slow reply, I've not really been a part of the world these past few months with a lot of crap going on in life >.<

Thanks for giving the demo a go :3 If it freezes up and dies at the point where Alyx is heading outside for some food with Alvy, that's because there's no more content yet and as I was in such a rush to get a demo submitted in time for the end of the jam, I didn't have a chance to wrap up the demo and give the player an option to quit. Sorry about that, I know it's pretty and messy and frustrating >.<

If the freeze happens as soon as Alvy comes to visit then I'm stumped and I'll definitely have to try and figure out what caused it once I'm working on the project again, as when I ran through the demo on my laptop before submitting it, I didn't experience a crash there.