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Alright, alright. Before I get started can I just say that I adore this premise? Best way to suck people in is with a little bit of twisted humour, and it certainly got me on the hook!

Now then, to the game itself. What we have here is a standard dungeon crawler with a unique little twist. Well, a couple of twists. The first one is the puzzle platforming element. Not something I'm used to seeing in this style of game, but it's more than welcome! It adds an extra air of challenge to things on top of the enemies bombarding us!

The second twist is the princesses themselves. Once you rescue them they grant you special abilities, and I'm guessing as the game goes on you may need to bring certain princesses along to complete certain areas. This is very exciting if true! So many possibilities!

We only encounter one princess in the demo, Zombie Princess, who is evidently going to be my favourite, but I am looking forward to seeing who else we get to rescue along the way!

The fighting element is done really well, with special moves and items to help keep things interesting and to stop me from dying (or at least attempt to stop me from dying, I definitely did that a few times), and with the Kickstarter fully backed we have a lot more to look forward to!

I urge you all to have a go at this really fun little game, and I urge the dev team to keep up the awesome work! A little spit and polish is required here and there, and the text could use a little cleaning up too but I'm hyped for the completed version of this little gem! =)