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HI! I just realized that today. I just beat that trio headed dragon thing and I'm getting mad now. Sadly I'm about early level 40's. Also, those blue boxes; I didn't know how to open them and get the key until I was too far into the dungeon. There are many reasons why I don't play games anymore. one of them are when you think the end is near and then they slap you in the face and say, "NOPE, You have to keep going." Just like my p.e. teacher. She counts down to stop and then say "and keep going!" 

I hope I can finish it soon. It still is an amazing game though. I wish I had the strength and endurance to even have patience to make something like this. I tried rpg maker and I got tired after two minutes of getting bored.

Sorry for the endgame drag, but you're very close to the end. I got carried away while making it XD I'll do better in future games.

And yeah, it takes a lot of patience to make games, but I find it gets a little easier as time goes by, if real life didn't keep getting in the way XD

Just finished the game today. I took a few days off because I feel embarrassed whenever my dad is home and I'm on the tower computer. He's always on the couch looking at what I'm doing watching something playing vr chat or whatever. So I do things when I'm alone.

It took me a bit to finish the enemy off. I was between level 45-50. If I knew more ab out the game, I think I could do better. Didn't expect the hero to leave their town and go off.  Out of all the characters, I wasn't a fan of Lynette.She was only jealous that she didn't get to play the hero role. I did enjoy Chisa and Merel's relationship. They make me feel a bit happy when I see then talking together. They are the odd bunch and I like them.

I don't usually play games, but this one I seeked out was pretty cool.  (HEART!) Cheers!