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This game is bullshit.
How can you make such a boring and irritating retarded game???

I spend 2 hours to see a big fat stupid blackwoman jumps like a big worm and moam like a cow.

That fat ass stucks at every corner and chair, and you put so many chair on the hallway, you really think that is funny???

And the lock rooms,your think it is good to waste the time of other people??

I unlock every room in the last level,and nothing found at the usual place, so I decide to check again, the I stucked at a stupid door, can't move any more,even to turn around!!!

Only you can do is restart, but it spend me 1 hour to unlock the doors in the dark!!!

This game is made by a autism, and it tried to make everyone who play this game into a autism.

I bought every game you made, and this one, only disgusting.

If you wanna made a game that is design for bondage fan, all you need is to make a bad guy and try to catch sexy girls and tie them up.

NOT just make a bondage girl and let players to feels a girl in bondage!!

Thank you for the information on being stuck in the door. It is really unpleasant when this happens. When I tested the game, I had no such problem. Sometimes the door prevented the character from moving forward, but in this case it is enough just to jump backwards or sideways.