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Did you have support from your spouse/partner or was it a selfish labor of love?

Well, yes, she was in full support and was ready to take up the slack to let me focus, but then she inconsiderately decided to hurt herself pretty bad, requiring a trip to the ER right in the middle of the 7DRL, while trying to keep the kids calm.  Turns out that's bad for productivity, so next year, I'm going to ask her to schedule some other time for her frightening accidents.  (She's fine now.)

Are you feeling burnt out or inspired to continue working on your entry?

One technical challenge I put myself to was to make my roguelike screen reader friendly, so that I could apply what I learned in my day job.  So, yes, I think it's safe to say I'm going to continue working on at least the technology behind my entry.  As for the entry itself, yes, I'd like to flesh it out even more – due to the ER visit, I had several plans for features that didn't make it in, and of course it needs some tighter balancing.

Are you disappointed by anything?

The main thing I'm disappointed by is the fact that I didn't get some actual drawn art in for the cards in the game.  I was hoping to spend the last day or two of the 7DRL drawing some cool cards, since the card combat is a big part of the game.  Instead, I just have round rects with only words on them.  It works, but it's not nearly as satisfying as what I envisioned.

Will you be back next year?

Heck yeah!  I've been doing this for many years now, and it's always fun to experiment with new ideas and see what cool things other participants come up with.  (I particularly like Pinball Dungeon and Forward from this year's offerings.)

Are you happy with feedback received?

Well, so far people seem to like it, which is always gratifying, but what I was really hoping to get was some feedback on the manner in which I structured the game to work with screen readers from a person who regularly uses a screen reader other than VoiceOver, which is the screen reader I did my own testing with.  I have no idea whether what I did was useful, pleasant, workable, or desirable for people who primarily use screen readers, and I was hoping to get some feedback on that side of things.  In testing with VoiceOver, the game feels very playable, but not being a screen reader user normally myself, I don't know what I'd be missing or failing to consider.  Hopefully, it's perfect and people like it.  But if not, I can't fix it until I hear what I got wrong.