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Thanks for the great feedback! I'm definitely hoping to make an addition version that fixes some of the issues you bring up. The difficulty is interesting, I had gone in expecting the end game to be more intense as the enemy density increased and the play area shrunk, but it ended up almost the exact opposite where the beginning is very hectic until you can horde some resources and get a weapon.

For moving down corridors you can use SHIFT+WASD or SHIFT+HJKL to move 1 tile & end your turn instantly, but I think I'll need to come up with some more ideas on making movement feel fluid with the energy system.


The end-game definitely looks intense with a huge crowd of enemies in a small space, and it would be much harder if more of them had weapons. In my experience, they were mostly unarmed, with several knife and bat users, and precious few actually dangerous people with firearms. All the enemies are quite adept at killing each other, so if you can manage to hang back for a bit, they do most of the work for you. But of course, that's the point of battle royale. :)

Maybe if you spawned several guns in the centre of the map, so that there would be more guaranteed gunslingers in the end-game?

For the movement, maybe you could add some switch between planned and auto moves? With auto moves on, you would automatically execute and end your turn whenever you would have too few energy for another action, so it would feel like going around in any other roguelike. You could then switch to planned moves in dangerous situations.