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Love this game. Found about it not so long ago and it already became my second favourite. Animation is truly amazing! Great writing so far. Awesome combination of lewd theme with both serious stuff and humour.

Thereare some problems of course. But nothing serious. Bar income is pretty low. And advertising just eats money without any income increase. Jin (Lin's sister) has no content. Dungeon interactions are pretty basic. I'm playing on Android and 6.1 runs smoothly. But I would like buttons to be a bit bigger. They are pretty small on phone. Also on my phone with resolution 1440x720 background doesn't fill entire screen leaving black empty space on both sides. It's nothing game breaking ofc.

Thank you for such awesome game!

Thank you!

With all the upgrades on the bar,  you can get $300 - $400 a week.

Advertising also has a very high chance of giving you money. Highest advertisement will give you -$50,  $50, $100 extra a week.

Jin was just added in v0.6, I haven't been able to give her much yet.

so what is your favorite? :D