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Is it possible to have a .txt code version? Because I don't have GMS2



I'm not sure actually. What do you use to develop in/with? 

an AI that can follow player
The way I see the video, look nice for me!

I use game maker studio 1.4

I don't like gms 2 for now, but soon I will buy it!

For now I only use gms 1.4!


Ah! I will look into that. Maybe I could even upload a GM 1.4 version. Off to bed now, work tomorrow, but I'll get back to you! If this works I'll try and do it for each of my GMS2 Projects.



I'm sorry this is taking a bit longer! I hoped I could import my GameMaker 2.0 projects into GameMaker 1.4, sadly I can't.  I can however copy the  GM2.0 project to GM1.4 manually, piece by piece. This will take some time though, and I need to get familiar with the GM1.4 interface (Doesn't seem to complex, though,1.4 and 2.0 are quite similair but there are some oddities between the two apparently).  Will definitely get to it! Possibly tomorrow, if not, then Saturday! ---- If it's only the code you need and you can figure out the rest, it might be easier to join the discord, I could give it to you. (Will still upload a 1.4 version to here though)

Hope that rant is not too chaotic :P

I only need the code.! And think for the reply!

Do you accept credit?

As in money? I do. I wanted to put these projects up for free, though. Maybe once I become more confident in my skill and make a big project, I might ask something for it, but I also want to support beginning gamedevs with free projects. I do have a ko-fi that I still need to personalize, but it's up ( Did you get the code I send you and did you get it to work?