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Hey thanks for the high praise! I really appreciate it! And thanks for playing! 

Basically bugs should be expected at any point in your game if you have used the computers. They're to mess around with the game but in a game breaking way. If you start a fresh playthrough from the beginning and you still find this issue it could be something for me to look into but what you are describing doesn't seem possible without using the computers. That variable definitely gets cleared. I will comb through the code though. Do you have a digital or physical copy?

If you found the secret room it is stored across playthroughs so that you can easily access it. I did that intentionally so that if you wanted to use the computers you wouldn't have to go through that process every time.

Thanks for the reply. Your avatar in the game did clearly warn me of messing up with the game, but I didn't take it seriously. :D I was time traveling a lot because I tried to win the lottery. Well, I guess I'll make a backup of the old save and start afresh. It's okay, I understand the risk involved with wantonly messing up with the settings.

I haven't encountered any bugs before using the computers, so I don't think you need to comb the code for now. I have the digital copy which I'm playing on a Super Famicom through SD2SNES flash cartridge. It has Super Game Boy functionality so I can play GB games on the TV. :D

What a cool way to play! I think my games made in the future with GB Studio 3.0 are going to have pretty nice SGB support. It's kind of somewhere in between an original Gameboy and a Gameboy Color. What palette are you using for the game?

I tried playing with gray scale palette with black borders, but the contrast between the different hues wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I ended up using the default palette which is white, lighter and darker orange, and dark blue.

I actually thought you had implemented some SGB features, because the first time I read Yoki's logs in Room 3 the GB border turned from gray to pink! I haven't managed to reproduce it, so it was definitely buggy. :D

Here's some screenshots, kinda hard to capture on a phone camera how good it actually looks:
(the border in these photos look like different hue due to how the camera works)

That's a great palette! I actually started the project in GB Studio 1.2 so I planned the game to have one palette throughout at first. It was similar. It was a white, a mustard, a desaturated purple, and black. I think the only major difference with the one you used is that it's more saturated.