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Not writing a full review yet, but i wan't to tell to everybody the lore and a secret i found in this game. There is a plot,

The plot, goes like this.

The main character, an old grandpa is in a mall. He acts very weird, and childish. He beats people up, destroys everything he sees, and is overall a really problematic person. There is an explanation for this.

You have to notice that he goes under invisble dungeons that don't exist, the dungeons look like your stereotypical oldschool RPG dungeons. They have that good old "epic shadow man killer power sword" feel to it. It is how i like to describe childish fantasy about cool things.

The man, is pretty old. He have learned a lot of things about life, and everybody has a childhood, this man has loved stuff like this in his childhood. His old life is exteremely boring, and he wishes he could have been in his childhood again. His nostalgia senses was so strong, it had orgasmic tendencies. He completely forgot about anything he wished for and gave up in his life. Sleeping all day trying to get to his childhood dreams to live there forever.

The man have went to the extreme for his wishes to come true. He forgot about moral things and he went to completely erase real life. Notice, that people walking in the store look more realistic than him, the store looks completely fake, like a game in unreal engine. And he have forgot about his life, money and struggles. He looks like a cartoon character afterall.

He literally has mental illnesses, he got so sad, he have went into his fantasy world where he is still a child who is in a dungeon, destroying stuff. A perfect place for him. 

Life is cruel.

but to be honest this is just a theory, this game can get so much better if this will be the main plot, and you will turn this idea into reality.

Now to the game review, it uses unity free models, nice shaders, the plot is definitely a 9/10 if you will look at others game on this site, gameplay is ok, it is simple. It has kevin macleod music blablablabla.

You could definitely improve this game on the plot, and if you want you can just remake the game to make it even more awesome.

ok enough talking you get it already aaaaaaa 

7.7/10 i guess?



Thank you for your interpretations and feedback! The game absolutely does not use free Unity models though! I made every model. If you're interested in more about the possible motivations of the old man and why he sees the shoppers as nameless faceless people, check out my earlier game that this is a sequel to: Lord of the Aisle.

Or it could also be that he is actually a wizard in a dungeon, and being affected by mind-influencing magic to make him think he is a feeble old man in some strange consumerist dystopia, and lure him into dropping his gold for illusionary products.

Wow, i have actually played it like 4 years ago. I actually really liked it back then. Mostly because of the idea i got from the final text in the game, i will be honest.

I thought the games were similar but i didn't knew that the same person have made it.

And about the models, they are awesome, i thought it was lazy because i didn't think that these models were made by you. They are great. 

You could definitely improve on it, to make something quality steam worthy, only if you try really hard of course